“I’m optimistic about the future of America because together, we can move our nation in the right direction – an America that is strong and free.” - ASA HUTCHINSON

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Asa Hutchinson and President Ronald Reagan - 1986

Meet Asa Hutchinson

Governor Asa Hutchinson served as the 46th Governor of the State of Arkansas. In 2018, he was re-elected with 65 percent of the vote, having received more votes than any other Republican candidate for governor in the State’s history.

Asa Hutchinson’s time as governor is distinguished by his success in securing over $700 million per year in tax cuts, safeguarding the retirement pay of veterans from state income tax, shrinking the size of state government, creating over 100,000 new jobs, and leading a national initiative to increase computer science education.

The Governor’s career in public service began when President Ronald Reagan appointed him as the youngest U.S. Attorney in the nation for the Western District of Arkansas. In 1996, he won the first of three consecutive terms in the U.S. House of Representatives.

During his third term in Congress, President George W. Bush appointed Governor Hutchinson to serve as Administrator of the Drug Enforcement Administration and later as the nation’s first Undersecretary of Homeland Security for Border Protection.

Governor Hutchinson’s experience and wealth of knowledge established him as a national resource, especially in the areas of trade, energy, and national security. He has been invited to the White House numerous times to participate in discussions regarding healthcare, Medicaid, and education issues facing our nation.

January 10, 2023 marked the end of Governor Hutchinson’s second term. He is a former Chairman of the National Governors Association; Co-Chairman of the Council of Governors; and Chairman of the Interstate Oil and Gas Compact Commission (IOGCC), Southern States Energy Board (SSEB), and the Southern Regional Education Board.

Governor Hutchinson grew up on a small farm near Gravette. He is a graduate of Bob Jones University and the University of Arkansas School of Law. He and his wife, Susan, have been married for 49 years, and have four children and seven grandchildren. Firm in his faith and practice, and spurred by his love of country, Governor Hutchinson looks forward to sharing his forward-looking vision of consistent conservative leadership for all Americans.

In the News

February 28, 2023

Getting Past the MAGA Mentality Isn’t For the Faint-Hearted, The Washington Post

Non-election-denying Republican governors Asa Hutchinson (Ark.), Charlie Baker (Mass.) and Doug Ducey (Ariz.) all left office with strong approval ratings.

February 28, 2023

Asa Hutchinson: It Was a Great Moment for America Having President Biden Show Courage Traveling to Ukraine, Fox News Radio

Asa Hutchinson, who was the 46th Governor of Arkansas, spoke to Brian Kilmeade about Ohio Governor Mike DeWine doing an outstanding job in response for the people of East Palestine impacted by the disaster. Hutchinson feels the people of East Palestine need support from the federal government and the Biden administration to provide the resources needed. Hutchinson believes it was a great moment for America that our President showed courage traveling to Ukraine. Hutchinson says the bigger picture is Russia & China colluding to fight the United States through their proxy efforts in Ukraine. Hutchinson added, it is really important for Republicans to unite in support of Ukraine, their sovereignty, their freedom, and their fight against oppression.

February 28, 2023

Poll: Republican Presidential Race Between DeSantis and Trump Tight, The Magnolia Reporter

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (42.27%), Former President Donald Trump (41.81%), Former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson (12.27%), Former UN Ambassador Nikki Haley (3.63%)

February 28, 2023

Older Voters Balk at Nikki Haley’s Competency Test, POLITICO

Former Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, 72, on Tuesday said there was no need for more restrictions on voters’ choices. “The U.S. Constitution lays our requirements to hold the office of President of the United States, so let’s stick with that,” Hutchinson, who is considering a run for president, said in a statement to POLITICO. “Additionally, there is a mental acuity test every time a candidate stands before voters in a town-hall setting, a diner on the campaign trail, or on a voter’s door step.”